• 35
  • Female
  • Straight
  • Athletic

About Me

Hi there, let me introduce myself. My name is Mindy, but that’s just my name not who I am. This is my job, I don’t do it for the title or the paycheck, I do it because I love it! I love engaging with new people of all shapes of life. I like the deep conversations that come about with those few special people that enter my room. It’s from those conversations that I learn new things or discover new fetishes and kinks that might spike my interest. Because to be honest, I’m still learning things that get me excited and I might REALLY enjoy, all by learning about yours! So, come be my teacher and play with me;). It's in my private sessions where I really learn about who you are and those dirty kinks, and if it gets me aroused I possibly might try it out. Who knows where the conversation may lead? My day consist of waking up early and being productive rather than coming home when the sun rises, because I don’t want to miss the opportunity of talking with you or learning what gets you going, but most of all what topics gets me excited. Now, don’t get me wrong some nights I do go a bit wild... more then I should. But those times can be discussed in private. ;)
I enjoy listening to music preferably reggae and dirty heads, mixed with a lil rock and alternative. But I love discovering new artist and will probably ask what song you may have on repeat. Things I’m good at are seeing the bright side to what life brings and understanding people. Getting them to relax and in a better spirits, especially after a stressful, boring day. You should come to my room if you like to laugh, have a sense of humor, and want someone who is real, but ultimately just want to have fun. If you want someone who’s interested in knowing what your wants and desires are. Oh, and wanna hear a secret…I LOVE to be submissive. So, that's the inside scoop on me and I’m going to end this with a joke to get it going when you come to my room :) What’s the difference between the "back door entrance" and oral stimulation??? Just ask me “what’s the difference” and I'll happily give you that lil chuckle you may need. Also, it will tell me that you read my profile and honestly, it'll be a turn on and make me that much more interested in you.
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