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Username: andrearose
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Body Type: Teen Trim

About Me

Hey, I'm Andrea Rose, a late teen- almost in my twenties and I got warped into this camgirl world. Literally. An odd series of events led to cool and smart college academic eighteen year old babe; to well... lol. Ya know. And it shows; I am very much a normal, weird, crazy, shy, amusing, awkward, and rambunctious girl. Not to mention; talented, atleast that's what my audience says. They know I love showing my small body and of course, gaping my tight pussy as a specialty-- but of course, watching is better than reading! So be sure to follow, and to watch a show. Hope to see you there ;)

More About me,
19. April Baby. 5'7 ft tall... and 100 lbs. I live in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Bisexual. And in love with glitter and cute music.

No photos available.