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Username: Dylann
Age: 47
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Body Type: Fit with curves.

About Me

Hey guys! I'm a southern girl, with a sweet spirit and a sexual appetite. :-) I'm probably one of the most opened minded girls you'll ever meet, not to mention the funniest. :-) When you are ready for the conversation to turn to the naughty side, I might surprise ya. I'm quite the naughty mom, once you get to know me. I must warn ya though, I am addictive! If my southern charm and sweet personality don't draw you back for more, my sexuality will! It's okay though...I'm a habit you won't want to kick. :-) I look forward to being on your mind. I'm a girl that you'll remember, and I'll show you a time you won't forget! xoxoxo

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